Yad Kareem – Long Lost Brother Of Osama Bin Laden – Report Cheating Online

Nik, I gotta bust this guy out since its been way too long for anyone to do the same. Meet Yad Azad Kareem – Pepsi addicted women abuser who’s known to raise a hand on his mother and ex girlfriend. This man is despicable! He is jobless because he got terminated from the last hospital job (urine collector) for repeatedly showing up to work drunk and on LSD. Yad’s ex gf- to whom he proposed on a 4th day- ran away due to physical abuse and had expressed multiple concerns for her safety as she has been receiving threats from him.
Yad is making up for his misery by making online death threats to other people’s kids and wishing blindness to a UK teen suffering from an incurable eye disease. Yad has been arrested for assault on his mother and his gf. He preys on young Kurdish and Pakistani women on social media. He will either scam you for money or he will scam girls into trying to sleep with them. He is a fraud and a creep. Ladies, avoid this asshat. On the flipside, he also likes men as he was raped in the butt at the age of 16 and the habit stuck around.
OP- I will state this again: This is not a Middle Eastern dating site. Please stop.- nik
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