Will Macfarlane Pg’s Biggest ManSlore

Will Macfarlane Pg’s Biggest ManSlore. Howdy ladies and gents! We have here Will Macfarlane. Which I am surprised he isn’t on here about 10 times already.. but anyway.. He’s addicted to pills. Literally falls asleep because he’s so high all the time.. he’s the biggest Pathological liar I have eva met. He Told me that his first kid “storm” is his and that he doesn’t have custody, and then the week after he told me he found out that storm isn’t his at all so which one is it? None of his stories ever. And I mean. Ever. Make sense! Yet he Claims he is the best dad ever. But passing out while your kid is destroying the house, feeding him corner store crap, chocolate and candy all the time doesn’t make you the best dad on earth, sorry to say! If you ever had this guy on Facebook before you would know and see that he Makes up stories all the time to portray that he is such a good person, claims he always lends money out to people to help them with their rent, groceries, you know it! when actually it’s him who bums off people all the time and owes numerous people a crap ton of money. Says he runs a company but everyone knows that company has been run to the ground. Because his so called “employees” which usually are friends, don’t want to work for him. Because they simply never pay them. It’s not hard to buy a business licence, slap it on your truck with the details and call yourself a business owner..When I was friends wit him I watched him bring home a different girl every single night. Took them out for dinner. Probably hooked up with them. And then onto the next. Like nuthin happened. He would pay me to keep my mouth shut about it all. But now the time is up. I can’t watch it or hear about it anymore. It’s not fair to his friends, family or all the women he plays. His famous lie he told “I’ve been single for 3.5 years I haven’t slept with anyone or gone on dates or anything. HAHA okay… sad to think women believed his pathetic lies. Or anything that came outta his mouth tbh He offered to pay this one girl 500$ to keep her mouth shut about them seeing each other etc, because he was also seeing her friend.. just another day in will’s life. He shockingly deleted his Facebook when he decided to finally calm his p3nis and “shack up” with a girl. (It’s about time!) but sad to say.. I’m 1000% sure he’s still sleeping around and being shady because well, I highly doubt he will ever change. Probably deleted his Facebook because he’s too ashamed, and with all the temptations of other women it’s hard for him to stay faithful. You should see his block list on his cell phone even, you could write a book with it all. I’m probably missing a lot but I hope you guys get the point! Don’t trust him and his lies. All fake. So many women. he’s probably got drds like crazy! He will probably attempt to pay someone to get this post taken down as Wel because that’s who he is!! Scum!!!!!!

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