Who Is Valerie Wilson?

Who Is Valerie Wilson? – Expose Homewreckers

RQ Max, her fb page says Valerie Wilson, yet she just told me her name is Valerie Yahaira Torres. She said she lived in Illinois then had to move back to Israel with her grandparents. She said she was in the Israeli army. She told me she was from Pompano Beach, Florida few weeks ago. She keeps msging me to chat. The thing is, I know this is a FAKE PROFILE, and I am going to unfriend her soon, but I am wondering, who is the girl in the photo? The real girl?

Who cares if she’s a Catfish, they are all the same on the inside (like mental warm hole inside). Plus, all my Jewish friends are really good at masturbation. My vote is you keep rubbing it out to her and perfect your craft.- max

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