Tracey Turk — Winnipeg CrackSlore ~

Tracey Turk — Winnipeg CrackSlore

Tracey Turk — Winnipeg CrackSlore. This girl walks around like she’s mature but for a 46 year old she bounces house to house bed to bed smoking crack with her old fat crack dealers suking c0ck making trades for a hit of crack. She has a drd to drd her snatch is loose and constant leaking bright yellow fluid and smells worst than a fish tank. She’s a crook and will steal from anyone and pawn it at a shop for extra cash. Does nothing cept making Snapchat videos chasing every boy out there passing her drd around like a game of catch if anyone sees this girl please watch out from her unless you want to obtain the drd to drd . This girl is a walking drd so please turn the other way or tell her go seek help she is mental with many conditions and has a Mental Case Worker always leaving her ex husband’s telling them she’s going to work but all in all going to Kens and her crack dealers to make sex trades and bed to sleep.

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