Tony Wilkerson – Texas

Tony Wilkerson DALLAS TX R… no good …he is a cun artist and will use u tell people he stay with his sister but really stay with a girl friend….he was dating me stayed with me 6 months didn’t help do s*** WRECKED MY CAR AND F***** WOMAN IN MY HOUSE WILL IM AT WORK …HE HAD TWO WOMEN COME TO MY HOUSE ..THEY BOTH SAID HE TOLD THEM I WAS HIS SISTER AND IM LIKE HIS SISTER IM HIS GIRL FRIEND HE STAY WITH ME..THE LADY TOLD ME he told her I was his sister I been with him 2 yrs what the f***……. So lady’s be ware his is not going to do s*** he lie and tell u he stay with his sister are roommate he is lying ….he drive trucks for a living ….well use to he lie….he will wreck your car and not pay for it he will not pay any bills are help do s***….when it comes to bills….he will have women coming in and out your house ……Low life bum….sorry sack of s***…..BEWARE ……….TONY WILKERSON….

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