Tina Okoli – California – Cheater Bot

Dis motherfucking a** b**** right here thinks she’s hella slick wana do some shady azz s*** to me cause ain’t no body can ever figure out the real her. Dis evil manipulative 2 face crocodile crying fake azzbitch. Always has the balls to be f****** with anyone she can get her hands on thinking dat ain’t none of them f****** ever gona come back for herr stupid azz well guess wat b**** u got the right one who real gone put u out dere. Let me tell y’all bout dis w**** azz so called Tina. B**** got 2 babies with 2 different men, been married to 2 different men but yet the men she had a baby by let me tell y’all the real details. Baby daddy #1 cheated on her dumb azz mulitple times had a baby with another female the same time she was pregnant with his child then f***** her so called best friend got that b**** pregnant & he still hasn’t left her matter of fact Tina stay begging her baby daddy #1 to be in his childs life cause of her ex best friend controlling s*** her whole life he stay ignoring herr emails, n**** even changed his phone number on her a** moved so far away that you couldn’t even find him even on the radar n**** went ghost on her whoring a**. Baby daddy #2 dis s*** stayed with his whoring azz only using her for his citizenship , mind you she lost 2 babies plus a left tube cuz of his a** to top it off when she was pregnant with his third child for the second time n**** packed his bags so quick before u could even say good bye left her azz before she even came bck from work. Den went behind her bck got another apartment wit a minor dat he been f****** since she was 15 dats when dis weak azz stupid b**** finally opened her azz to motherrfucking reality filed for divorce left his azz plus putting him on child support. Baby daddy #2 moved so fast out of the place he was living at , didnt even tell Tina got his azz a new girl friend stay recording screen shottting every messages even calls dat he got going with her. N**** dont even call tina when she got da kidz & he sure damn dont call her azz when he got the kids. Niga stay running from child support since dai 1 & from Tina. Dis b**** aint got no friendz even her own family memberz dont even f*** with her I mean really . Everyone stay away from dis b**** she cray cray calls a self a damn mother but so mothering f***** up in the head overall that she dont even knoe how 2 take care of herself her kidz going from d*** to d***. None of her baby daddies helping her financially , b**** stay struggling big time cant even afford s*** or to pay herr own bills nor take care of herr kidz. She stay going from men to men even tried to get at my man but n**** straight dogged her azz. Dis s*** is lonely desperate , broke motherr of two who stay beggin for help cuz every1 stay betrayin her leaving her she stay figuring s*** out on herr own , miseriable azz b**** who aint got nothing better 2 do with her own life but 2 try to f*** with others. B**** aint neva had nobody 4 her since she been on earth even her own family siblings cousins etc aint want s*** to do with her dey all let her struggle even if she dont have a dime to her name. Dis b**** right dere stay calling texting dese f*** boys baby daddies of hers who just up & left her wanting her to struggle not giving her a dime to help raise the kids she got with them she aint neva get any sleep. B**** got straight depression even think one dai she might lose it. I wonder why aint no body wanna be dis b**** friend help her out cuz she stay f****** people men begging for help for money for people to help watch her own kidz cuz she a desperate single mother of two who aint got no partner , no family no friendz even her own coworkerz dont f*** with her azz .b**** broke lonely cant even afford to pay her own billz gett her own place stand on her own nor even get her s*** together. Dis b**** hella need some serious help she needs jesus she needs a provider for eveything somebody need to help dis broke b**** out give her some money soemthing so she can stay away from peoples men family stop -starting s*** so now you all now knoe who da f*** dis b**** really is. Wana help dis broke single mother of 2 heres her contact 6467962643

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