THE CAVALIER – Internet Cheaters

I had been with Talk America for several years and was quite happy with their service. This changed when Cavalier took over, and I watched in amazement as my account became a mess and suffered through service interruptions while trying to correct bad charges. Finally and with my account in good standing, I switched service from Cavalier to Vonage in March 2009. I was very disappointed with Cavalier”s billing practices and non-existant customer service, and Vonage was more fitting to my mobile lifestyle. Imagine my total surprise when Vonage told me they would have to give me a new number since Cavalier refused to port my old one. I gave Vonage permission and completed the service switch. I was shocked in August 2009 when I began receiving bills from Cavalier for services I no longer had. I made calls to their “customer service” in an attempt to correct the situation, but was laughed at, yelled at, hung up on, and threatened with debt collection. I”ve retained the assistance of the BBB of West Florida and would sincerely advise anyone to stay clear of this company. LH, Michigan

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