Steve Andrade — Watch Out Ladies! ~

Steve Andrade — Watch Out Ladies!

Steve Andrade — Watch Out Ladies! Heads up ladies! Met this guy in rehab while back, extremely charming caring, conversationalist,friendly, respectful you name all the positives, he checked all the boxes of an ideal gentleman. Once you get to know him he lets his true colours show, his true self. Extremely abusive, emotionally, physically, manipulative, disrespectful, liar, cheater. A narcissistic sociopath. He is also a severe alcoholic. He will make passes at any women and also your girlfriends. After all the abuse and manipulation he will throw you away like trash once he has no more need or use for you. Please watch out! He will date multiple women at once and will never take responsibility for his actions. My girlfriend and I invited him over once and he became extremely drunk aggressive and violent and wanted to force us both into situations we didn’t want to be in. He almost overpowered us but luckily he became too intoxicated. If he approaches you, walk the other way as quickly as you can, save yourself!

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