Sick Psychotic ,Revenge Poster, Narcissist Mike Anthony James marc – Infidelity Forums

This subhuman goes by many many names. We have discovered 14 victims so far and counting. Goes all over the us. New Jersey, Carolinas, georgia, Nebraska,
dalotas, Illinois you name it hes willing to go or has been there.
He is a very sick demented predator of women. He actually needs to be put away. He is a MENACE to society.
Women have him posted every site and under so many aliases about 50 we know of.
Always ask for I’d when meeting a new man online. Always check cheater sites.
He has moved into dating asians and Hispanics due to their lack of knowledge about narcissism and cheater boards.
Please be on guard for this serial online predator. Snakes are quite charming in the beginning.
If you know this man please contact me as I would live to add your experience to a petition to have him put away as a sexual.predator.

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