Sherry Baptiste

Calgary, Alberta,

Sherry Baptiste

This old Samson Cree Nation light-skinned Stink Smutt has very little to show for herself in fact she lives in Calgary housing, she works at Gray Eagle casino she has a 26 year old whore daughter and a nine year old son.. Her daughters name is Lindamae Michelle Baptiste she is a Onlyfans Escort and that little thirsty whore is so proud of her success… Both mother and daughter dabble in crack but they keep that very well hidden along with their escort business.

They both get tag teamed in their escort Business.. pretty sick woman oh and they hide that very well. Sherry is in capable of keeping a man something about her she just can’t keep a man her husband left her for somebody way better that’s why Lindamae has such bad daddy issues (can I be your baby) STINK!! Hahaha

Sherry Baptiste is absolutely obsessed with being from Tsuutina hahaha!!! She’s straight up from Samson Cree Nation and talks a big game around the casino that’s (Grey Eagle Casino) she managed to squeeze out one last baby from a crackhead from Tsuutina (JSL) sherry didn’t care if he’s a crackhead because she’s a crackhead herself and as long as she had some ties to Tsuutina including getting pregnant by a married crackhead anything free from the Tsuutina nation.. basically this one will takeoff her panties for you if you’re a 432…

Sherry Baptiste you’ll do anything to get yourself a man from Tsuutina hey lol you even go as low as trying to cut off other women and steal their husbands but that’s what whores do.. Home wrecking whores like yourself and your whore daughter!!! HOE Sherry Baptiste you taught your daughter well good job mama bear haha

Sherry Baptiste You taught your daughter how to manipulate men for money. You taught your daughter how to takeoff her panties for money. You also taught your daughter how to play the system what does that say about you, Sherry Baptiste you’re a horrible mother and a horrible grandmother at that.  You allow their mother LINDAMAE Baptiste to go out and sell her stink CREE pussy while you wait at home with the grandkids the only thing that you ask for is some pre-rolls and pizza and pop for the kids.

Sherry Baptiste You show your face around Tsuutina like you belong out there… You don’t!!! The only way that you’ll ever be a Tsuutina is if you marry on and everybody is aware of you and your daughters behaviour nobody’s going to want to marry whores like you two…. so that’s never going to happen!!! So you and your whore daughter can stop claiming Dené this woman encourages bad behaviour she’s horrible…

Sherry Baptiste Gruesome twosome. Mother daughter duo!!! Calgary‘s finest!!!  Samson Cree Nations finest!!  Grey Eagle‘s finest!! Calgary housing‘s finest!! Onlyfans finest!! Escort services at its finest!!!

Take you and your whore daughter and go back up north to Samson.

#Light skinned whores.. FAT filthy pigs!!! 

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