Shaniel Sewak — Married Businessman Who Lies To Get You A Job ~

Shaniel Sewak — Married Businessman Who Lies To Get You A Job

Dear Shavon Hudson,

I was going to let this go and ignore it all thinking the public would understand how petty, immature and silly comments like yours is to try to blast it all over the internet, and most likely people who do this are low life scum who have nothing else better to do, but create these lies to extort money from wealthy people, because that’s how pathetic they are.

First off, you never came for any job, nor was any offered to you, so that’s a complete lie.
On November 15, 2020 you applied through to rent a room inside our 8100 sq ft mansion which we converted into a rooming /boarding house due to the pandemic. You and your boyfriend called from a travel lodge from Stony Plain, AB. The investigator hired to source you out to deliver the pending law suit I have filed against you has confirmed receipt of your stay there at 74 Boulder Blvd, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1V7.

You and your bf were supposed to come to my office for an interview for the rental property but you came by yourself claiming that your boyfriend beat you up, stole all your money and fled. You told me that you were living out of your car because your boyfriend stole all your money. You drove a very old Cadilac STS, which was falling apart, and you asked me if I could find a mechanic for you. You the asked me if I was able to lend you $100.00 for gas and food because your boyfriend, stole all your money.
I told you that I was very happily married, which I am to an amazing girl. I told you that because your no longer a couple we cant have individual females in the rooming house because it causes issues, like the one your trying to pull off now. You did absolutely nothing for me, my company or anyone I know. I gave you gas money, felt bad for you and you were on your way. Months later, when you find out who I am some how, you create this nonsense and you and some new boyfriend of yours call me private and try to extort money from me, saying if I gave you x amount of dollars, that you will take off all the c**p your writing, which is extortion and is illegal. My lawyer wrote you an email saying we would sue, and we have. An investigator is looking for your where abouts so you can get served. I went to the police to file an extortion complaint and your already wanted for stealing a car, and driving without an insurance and who knows what else. I have a copy of your message on trying to rent a room in the big house for anyone to see and other evidence to contradict your silly claims.

I also know that you and Maylin are friends, and you both are scum drug addicts that come up with these stupid extortion plans, but guess what….You f****d with the wrong guy.

People like you are sad and pathetic

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