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☝️☝️ Scumbag of this century !! Shameless Korean scum and mother fucker / Liar !

This scum married over 16 years and pretend single and lie divorced to cheat women relationships around for sex in his workplace so far. This Fucker is always ready to fuck around. . This scum use women all for his selfish benefits. He escapes at once. after he cheated Sex and relationship. This scum pretend good husband and lives with his wive in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ currently.

This rot fucker work in Aden and anais. He cheat and has affair with different women there. He lie to co- worker for cheat relationships, cheat around business vendors and ask different women to be his girlfriend even he has a Korean wive !! Shameless Scumbag!!

Dishonest chicken 🐓 but craving Sex like animal

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