Shameless Korean scumbag- Minki Kwak » Cheaters News

This man has a wive and still cheat other women shamelessly. !!

This short Dick – liar and cheater – very obscene, dic – name Minki Kwak, Korean scum. He cheat from beginning to know a women. He lie divorced because of his wive could not born baby. He familiar to put in vibes for flirting around females in his workplace. Once he made women hook and sex with them, he lies and run away. He change face very fast once he knows cannot take any more benefits from the women.

He cannot develop a real relationship as he already married over 15 years, But he cheat women relationships from his marriage ! He used his wive for US citizenship. selfish fucker !

He married , intentionally cheating for sex and satisfy his loneliness as he feel boring to his Wive. But they still live together in Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ for sharing living cost and mortgage.This scum pretends a good husband in front of his wive. This Jerk said many lies, cheats women around.

This Scumbag is Obscene bastard !
This fucker often says different version on today and tomorrow. He never do single thing for what he said.
This Jerk is familiar playing hard to get. This fucker Korean is 43 and working at Aden and anais currently He use women for all his benefits and betray people immediately.

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