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Sardiya/Sardi/Sadia/Sardii/Sardiyaa = Psychotic London Sex Worker and Blackmailing Scammer

Standard MO: Sardi tells clients she is a widow, single mom, poor accounting student, domestic abuse victim, “so sad and depressed ” and other nonsense to bring your guard down so she can reel you into her financial scams. Most recently her fake cryptocurrency halawadar schemes and her Nikkah Mu’tah “exclusive sex” scam to prey on men of faith looking for a loophole so they can convince themselves sex acts . . If you send her anything via her cash app or cryptocurrency, your money is gone forever.

Known harasser and blackmailer, Sadia Ali a London sex worker advertised as the “Persian Princess” when I saw her a few years back . I found out she accused clients of giving her STDs and threatened to call people’s homes and work to “expose” them and it looks like she is back to her old tricks. She threatens to report you for stalking and says she will call HMRC to audit you if you ask her about fulfilling the promises she makes after you’ve paid her. She pretends to be Iranian and drops Farsi greetings but she is really Pakistani. I’m from Haryana so I know for sure. Sardi aka Sardiya or whatever she is at the moment advertises under different names and contact info and says it’s to avoid an abusive client but her legal name is Sadia Ali. I found out that out when I used the washroom at the incall and checked Airdrop. Sadia name dropped a few politicians that she said she knew personally and whose events she attended so I had to see exactly who she was. Highly unlikely anything Sadia says is true because she is straight up pathological.

I had alerts set up for “Sadia Ali+London” years ago after she blackmailed me but there are other Sadia Alis in London. It’s important to protect the innocent women with the luck of sharing her name. I’m posting her picture so we are clear exactly which Sadia we are talking about. There is no other Sadia Ali close to being evil and so mentally f*cked. Shoutout to the OG poster. If anyone else has been conned or harassed by Sadia, speak up because she is out scamming again.

The evil slore non stop harassed and blackmailed me when I was still married. I haven’t thought of this toxic waste dump much until I saw the alert about her cryptocurrency halawadar scam. If you fall prey to Sardi’s scams, losing money is only the beginning of your problems. This is a mentally sick woman who takes pride in ruining lives.

I should have spoken out about Sadia before but I was married and she’d weaponize any detail she had on me. She knew where I worked because she said she needed the info for security screening before we first met. I stupidly told her I was married because she was crossing major boundaries by calling my number to the point I had to turn my phone off. She would send me strange, useless messages asking me how I am and barrage me with dumb questions anyone can google. I didn’t care about random details about her personal life either but she wouldn’t STFU. I thought telling her I was married would get her to stop but no such luck. She got angry and went on a revenge rampage.

When I saw other escorts, Sadia would get jealous and pry. She went as far as to make fake appointments with another escort I was seeing. I paid for no strings sex and she was worse than any ex I’ve ever had. I got annoyed thinking she was clueless but harmless. Dead wrong. Sadia pretends to be innocent but she is crass and vulgar with no conscience.

She started calling my work and asked to speak to my boss to make up lies about how I asked her for nudes, stalked and harassed her. I got called to HR and I had no choice but confess I saw Sadia as a call girl and told them whatever I do in my personal time is my business. That stopped the bullshit but it was embarrassing . Of course Sadia wasn’t satisfied and said she has friends in customer support who will give her my wife’s number and threatened to call. I’m sure she would have called if she could but she didn’t. I’m divorced now so here I am “Sardi” or “Sardiya” or “Sardii” or “Sardiaa” or whatever made up version of your name you’re using right now! It’s my turn to expose you now, but with the real truth. You can’t get away with making up lies your whole life dirty randi! Next time you threaten to tell your brothers to kill me, I’ll go straight to the police.

“Sardiya” aka Sardi” aka “Sadia” used to advertise herself as “The Persian Princess” when she was an agency sex worker/escort/call girl/ prostitute offering mostly outcalls but offered a cheap room near Paddington station if a client booked a multi hour appointment directly with her. I was her regular client for two months until she overstepped her boundaries. Sadia’s last escort scam was telling clients she would be exclusive with them under a Nikkah Mu’tah if they paid a high fee. All lies of course because she would still see multiple men as clients. I treated her well and always tipped well because I felt bad for her situation but it made Sadia go after me more. She said she has to escort because she is a widow and single mom of two saving for accounting classes. No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

I should have known better since the prostitutes working the GB Road kothas have more sophistication and class than this lying, scamming, evil bitch. Nothing surprises me with this grifter. If Sadia blackmailed, scammed, or harassed you, speak up now. She lacks basic life skills and her options are limited so grifters are gonna grift. Study her pictures carefully. If you ever have the misfortune of ever coming across her, NEVER give her $$$$$ and NEVER divulge any personal info. Sadia will stalk, harass, and blackmail you. I see she is currently on Twitter with a bunch of fake followers. She changes her handle regularly so watch for her aliases. If you see her as an escort, tell her you’ll pay her after the service because she will up charge you for everything. There are so many better options so why even take the risk. I wish someone warned me.

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