Sally the trump loving garbage picker

This lady is in my garbage every thursday in reno, nevada. I tried to give her some food but she refused. She growls and barks like a deer but only instead of looking all cute. She tears through my garbage bags like rock through paper. I mean if it was a raccoon or lizard that would be one thing, but its Sally in her ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat. She goes on and on about how trump is going to save us all as she defecates on my lawn. I have to take the garden hose out on her to get her to leave. Shes constantly trying to sell my kids crack and convince them that trump is the lord and savior. Sally go away, go away go away, get some help. Trump lost its time to move on. I literally have to yell this on a daily basis. I mean how long ago did that guy lose now it feels like at least half an eternity.

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