Renaud Tirfoin, HPV Pedophile at Capgemini Invent, Paris, France » Cheaters News

75012 PARIS 12
Birthday: 06/25/1984

Renaud Tirfoin at Capegemini is a psychopathic pedophile. Renaud travels to Thailand regularly for vacations because of his addictions to Thai ladyboys’ dicks up his ass. He has 2 children that he fathered and abandoned in SE Asia. He also plays high stakes poker at the Aviation Club de France where he and his entourage j**z into crepes and the ultimate loser would to eat those s***n-filled deserts. Renaud even sends videos of himself masturbating to harass his female colleagues. He has HPV because he constantly cheats on everyone he dates. He gets bored and moves on to the next girl to stroke his massive ego. His credit is so bad. He is pathetic, watch out for him. Renaud is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you have been warned.

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