RAMSES X ROSA (808) 722- 4700 – Internet Cheaters

RAMSES X ROSA is a 58 year old Puerto Rican who lives in Waikiki, HI. He is the biggest liar and cheater on the Hawaiian islands. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He calls himself Franco, but his real name is RAMSES XAVIER ROSA MERCADER. Ramses calls himself a bachelor and a gentleman – he is nothing but. He has been married since 2008, his wife moved to Puerto Rico where he is from after he screwed her best friend in Waikiki. He travels Honolulu – Puerto Rico every other month to visit his wife, while he is waiting for her to let him back in again. At the same time he has a permanent girl friend in Waikiki and dates several other women simultaneously, because he cannot be alone for one minute. He says he is an entrepreneur and runs his own business, as a matter of fact he works on the beach in Waikiki, where he chases after women. He basically sits on the beach every day 9-5 sexting different women on Tinder, at 5PM he goes home to his permanent girl friend. He loves to talk about his wife as if she is his ex- wife and his best friend. When he gets caught in the lie he says they only remain married so she can get a green card in the U.S. He even usus a photo of him and his wife together on his Tinder page, stating that this is his best friend. Ramses also chases after his wife´s girl friends behind her back, and sends them photos of his c–k. He speads herpes and other STDs. When he meets a new women he says he has never been married and he is a loner and might end up single and alone for the rest of his life. This is bullshit, he has been married three times and his current wife and one ex- wife shered the same adress. Ramses says he graduated from a university in San Diego, truth is he is uneducated and cannot even spell the most simple English words. He says he owns two condos in Honolulu, he lives in a smelly studio in Waikiki. He says he has traveled the world for water sports competition and work, all BS.

Ramses X Rosa is the biggest liar and cheater in Waikiki. He has no dignity or class. Get yourselves checked if you hook up with him!!

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