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300 Wai Nani Way #1618, Honolulu HI 96815
Ramses X RosaFranco,
Franco Xavier
57 year old Puerto Rican who lives in a studio in Waikiki and works on the beach for Ocean Safety Honolulu. Calls himself Franco, but real name is Ramses Xavier Rosa Mercader. Says he is a bachelor but has been married since 2008 to the same woman, whom he cheats on and lies about. She moved to PR where he is from after he screwed her best friend in Waikiki. He chases after women on Tinder and in Waikiki, will say and do whatever to get laid, can’t keep it in his pants. Doesn’t wear a wedding band, speaks about his current wife as if she is his friend only. Travels to see her in PR every second month, while he dates several women simultaneously in Honolulu. Spreads herpes. Lies about most things in his life, says he is from Spain originally to sound more exotic, he is Puerto Rican 100%. Says he graduated college in San Diego, he is uneducated and can’t spell the most simple English words. Says he traveled the world and that he owns his own business, that he climbed Mt. Everest, crossed the Atlantic Ocean – all lies! He is so desperate for the attention of women, even sends pics of his c*** to his wife’s girlfriends. Notorious liar and a cheater, no class or dignity.

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