Priscilla Hartman — Ontario, Canada

Looks sweet and innocent, She will rope you in, give you a DRD and brush you off by Monday, cheated on her husband, had a 3some within the year, had sex a week prior to meeting her. She will have you believe a relationship is what she is after, but she really wants to give you a DRD and drop you off a cliff with the rest of the good guys…will have a phone call during the date from a concerned guy that wants to discuss the DRD from the previous week, make some noise so he can hear you, he’s confused on what’s happening ( don’t worry, you’ll get your confusing moment next week when you’re calling her, and don’t worry, you’ll for sure be calling her ) so, act concerned about this pesky caller as if you would never act that way and say something like “ people need to grow up “ ( it’s the mature thing to say ) … After this call it’s now time to head over to her place for a quick whiteclaw/ bone session…by the time the morning hits she will already be sick of you, so use her dirty frying pan and offer to make breakfast and stay as long as you can ( really she wants you to get the fuk out , so hurry the fuk up ) . Say something sweet to her on the way out and make sure you call her when you get in ( because she really cares about that sorta thing if she just gave you a DRD you stupid idiot ) …Now just prepare yourself mentally for a DRD, go get your meds and don’t call her, because she’s busy fuking your dad! Keep your kids away from this sloot, they can get infected from looking at her…overall deep down an ugly POS of a human being But don’t listen to me, just look at these reviews J.B. – “ what a fuking headache “ D.T. – “ Worst time of my life ever spent “ K – “ Nice girl, thought I was gonna die after we did it “ Oh, don’t try to help her, she hates that sh1t and will probably call the cops on you ( for sure will call the cops on you ).

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