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I was among one of the staff members and was appointed to work closely with the patients and their routine. When I joined the rehab, so called Serenity Point Recovery centre and managed by Per Wickstrom, I thought I am the lucky one with this narconon guy. But the perception started changing from day one. I have always been eager to help others and thought this chance could let me be close to my passion. But the centre was not even close to working for People. I would rather say, it was atrocious. That would also be an understatement.

Per Wickstrom, who has been known for cheating drugs and getting back to the normal life, started this centre to help others sinking with the same ship. However, it is not as rosy as it feels. You will be shocked to know the intimidating fact about the Serenity Point

Recovery centre which made me quit as I wasn’t brave enough to voice my view. Per Wickstrom has bricked every truth that can ever show his dirty face. I am not just saying but have reasons to justify my statement. The centre charges high fees to get enrolled and never does what it promises. I witnessed the cruelty and it shivered my soul. I took the decision of leaving the company and spreading the word.

Are you kidding me? This was the expression when I saw how the program structure based on patient’s insurance and not the amount of rehab they need, is fooling people. On top of that, the centre insists the unfortunate patients to change their reimbursement account details so that the money goes back to the top management at Severity Recovery point. Are they less than leeches? I do not think so and after reading through this article you will be on the same page too. They not only feed on patient’s money but ignore the treatment as well.

This is intolerable and should be questioned. But, whosoever tries to do that, is put to threat and bullies which Per Wickstrom is great at. The counselling time which occupies the vital part of the rehab sessions, are less than 30 mins per week and patient’s family are not involved in these sessions. However, no one can overlook the impact of the support that family and friend have on an individual. I think this is the way to keep their filthy secret locked behind the walls of Serenity Point Recovery centre.
While I was a part of the centre, I heard many stories which I couldn’t have believed, if was unaware of their cruel practices. But I know they are not just stories, many have lived that reality.

Amber, one of the addicts signed up to join the Best Drug Rehabilitation (BDR) in Manistee MI but was sent first to “Tranquility Detox”. This is a distinct facility licensed to Per Wickstrom’s. He owns two facilities, BDR and A Forever recovery (AFR). She never saw BDR because she was never shifted there.

But what caught my attention was the leaks of investigation report of Amber’s death. Her death was in news when I joined the centre and soon heard about the unlucky Amber who died with the hope of getting better. And the hope got buried with her grave. The report said that ingesting street drugs was not the cause of Amber’s death but that all the medicines found in her body were prescription drugs given to her by a physician in his effort to deter her off her addiction to Heroin and Xanax (Alprazolam). Mixed Drug Intoxication of mixed prescribed medications along with underlying contributing health issues caused her to say her last goodbye.

However, I have a feeling that this could have been avoided. There are many other stories that entails similar dreadful grief and remorse. And would not be amazed if more stories will fill the headlines in coming time.

The doctor who was among the ones taking care of Amber’s medical treatment was already under trail for Richmond case. Richmond was taking help under the assistance of AFR team. AFR made his condition worst and prevented him from getting passable medical treatment for withdrawal seizures. This resulted in a fall and caused internal bleeding and fracture. He had to go through emergency surgery and shifted the treatment elsewhere.

What makes me pity these people associated with Serenity Point Recovery centre is their inhuman attitude which is eating them internally. The physicians restricted the treatment of seizure claiming that Richmond is faking them. Are you really doctors? I doubt the fact and feel that if you are then I will stop believing on one.

The centre is equipped with facilities and have everything that can help people fighting with their own self but they lose the intention to do so. The centre is money driven as its top management staffs and do not shy away giving other fraudsters the roof under Serenity Point recovery centre in the name of social work.

Yes, I mean it. They promote admitting people with legal blockage to their home for homeless but they do so because it helps them to continue without being discovered. Nothing can match their shamelessness. This all made me decide to withdraw from my responsibility and take charge of my humanity again. Nothing can haunt you more than your inner self and I really feel it is my duty to warn you of the purposes of Per Wickstrom which he intends to accomplish through Serenity Point Recovery Centre.

What I have learned from their practice and stubbornness is that nothing can make them do justice to the cause that they are connected to. But I also know that no one can hide their murky secret for long as there are people who will voice for justice as I did.
Serenity Point Recovery has failed its staff, patient, management, motive and above all the holy cause that has given hope to many.

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