Omar Pineda cheating on his wife. – Expose Cheaters Online

Omar Pineda is a MARRIED serial cheating man and he’s also a father. He makes his rounds mainly on Plenty of Fish, trying to be discreet with no photo and lies and says it wouldn’t upload. Then, he’ll most likely try and get your number or your snapchat.

He uses fake numbers with Texting apps, and tries to avoid his personal one I’m sure. Once theres a new place of contact, he’ll probably send you photos and ask for some of you.

He cheats on his beautiful wife, Lacie Pineda, while she is at work helping to provide for their family.

He has no problems bringing girls to the apartment that he shares with his wife and his child. He literally just does not care.

I believe his wife deserves better, and deserves a man who loves and respects her and doesn’t cheat. They’ve been together almost ten years and he’s willingly risking throwing it all away for sex/side chicks. What a NICE man.

If anyone runs into a guy named Omar OR “Jr” as he sometimes goes by, EXPOSE his ass so his wife can see him for the man he really is. He cheats on her multiple times a day and then probably acts like the best man/husband he can, and its FAKE.

He needs to be stopped asap.

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