Not A Real MAN!! Adam Lupfer – Brazil – Report Cheater

This is Adam Lupfer! I’m not some crazy mad ex-girlfriend….. However, where his family and friends lack to warn other because they prefer to sit back and watch I will warn others. He cheated even at the beginning of the relationship. Yes! I have all messages from the girls and even him trying to come back each time. He will try to control you… He is very insecure. Lies lies lies and is very good at it. He is good at making you feel like the one doing wrong. He is always broke and asks for money. He tells every girl what she WANTS to hear. He LOVES… Every girl. Or all the ones willing to open there legs for him. He NEVER EVER uses protection…..ladies i promise you I can post pics of all the things. The lies the games. He thought this last time he could be dumb. The girl he cheated and left me for…left him BUT to him you will say he left her… Get prove of everything! Thats how the truth comes out. SCREEN SHOT the text…make him work for it and prove it BC he is good ladies. He has had multiple girlfriends at once and will convince you that he is not talking to any other girl. I do wish him happiness one day!!! However, i am going to warn other girls to save them time and hardache. He loves bars and dating sites…. Good luck ladies. Listen to that little voice!! Most of the time its right!

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