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Complaint Against Cheaters

This scum – Brian Kwak married and lie divorced around to cheat other women emotions and relationships. He did all only for Sex with them and not want to pay money.
This scum always target women around his workplace and pretend single and pity. He is working at a Rot company called Aden and anais. this scum is living with his wive in 24 Kiwanis Wayne NJ.

This scum is shameless Player and says different things on today and tomorrow. Never do single anything for what he said.
He use all women for benefits, including his wive. He married her for US citizenship. But he flirts around and make love with other women, including in his workplace !! he never tell anyone he married. He cheats friends, pretend single in order to mess up with women relationships and cheat Sex and emotions.

This scum is shameless cheater and mother fucking dirty Jerk. His Penis is very short and he has STD !!

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