Monkton VT Boot Hill Cheater – Vermont

When I met Andy he was married and had a girlfriend he had had a three year affair with behind his wife’s back. The girl’s husband was one of his best friends. I guess I should of run then but instead I fell in love with this man. He divorced his wife left the girlfriend and started seeing me. After living with me and my children for awhile he kicked his soon to be ex wife out of his house and she and their daughter got a place of their own. I then sold my house and all my furniture and moved in with him with my 2 kids. He told me it would be forever. 15 months later he kicks us out with nothing and no where to live and within 2 weeks is back with the girlfriend he had had a 3 year affair with while married. Me and my kids are shocked and angry and hurt and are in a horrible situation now. He has made it clear he doesn’t care and wants nothing to do with any of us. This man ruins people’s lives for his own pleasures and happiness and people should stay away from him. He is no good.

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