Monica Marce Social Reject, Loser & Drama Starter

Monica Marce Social Reject Loser & Drama Starter

Monica Marce Social Reject, Loser & Drama Starter. Where do I even begin with how much of a weirdo this girl is? She loves faking her identity because she hates being a Filipino. She usually tells everyone she meets that she’s “part Vietnamese”. There’s not a single Vietnamese person at her family parties which is the funny part. Yikes. Monica loves following random girls in the YYC area on nearly every single social media platform as if she knows them. She even talks about them to other people in her spare time when they’re COMPLETE strangers. Monica LOVES telling people her boyfriend is a “drug dealer” because she thinks it’ll get her as much cool points as possible (LMAO). When in reality – he’s just a bigger loser than she is. They consider themselves heaty when they’re pathetic little kids that don’t know a single thing about selling drugs LOL. Sh1t’s not even cool. Watch out for this shit talker and don’t trust her with your secrets.

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