Mindy Wittig – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Report Cheater

Mindy Wittig, Milwaukee, WI had a multi-year affair on her husband Bruce. Put more simply, she is a cheater! She hid it for years (or at least tried to) from her family, friends, and others. During this time, she lied, cheated, and had a long affair that ultimately led to her husband Bruce leaving her. She has hid her cheating well, but now it needs to be exposed.

After her divorce for cheating on her husband Bruce, Mindy Wittig then again continued her cheating on her then boyfriend, this time with a professional client of hers. As a new real estate agent, she apparently feels the need to be inappropriate with such clients in order to get a deal done and get business. This is EXTREMELY inappropriate in the real estate industry, yet she knowingly became inappropriate with her client while in a committed relationship. Probably not what most people look for when looking for a relator.

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