Milord A. Keshishian, Esq. – Shyster, Black Mails and Extorts Money » Cheaters News

Milord A. Keshishian, Esq. needs to be disbarred! That shyster “black Mails” and tries to :Extort” money from people he is suing. T?he guy is so rotten he actually does NOT protect intellectual property, instead, he invalidates them! If his client stole your IP he will fight to invalidate it and twist the law. He will then black mail you and try to extort money. If you retain this crook he will damage your reputation. Get a professional law firm with respectable people, not some scum bag who has 1 associate he can’t keep for more than 6 months. Look at the guys lousy office. His website is made by Justia instead of a custom professional one. AVOID THIS SHYSTER!

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