Mike Alexander is a creep and a wife cheater. Loves to abuse and haggle sex workers.

My name is Remy and I am a sex worker working and living in Windsor. I am not ashamed of what I do for a living, and it pays my tuition and keeps over my child’s head.

However, I do draw the line on infidelity and cheating. I do have a conscious and I refuse to be responsible for destroying a marriage.

Although I’ve had my fair share of creeps for clients, the one I despise the most is a man goes by “Jeff” whose actual name is Michael Alexander. I found out his real name by briefly checking his wallet while he was in the washroom. Afterwards, I google-searched his name and phone number.

Michael on several occasions has called my agency and specifically requested a “Caucasian girl with auburn hair”. He also requested a girl who is according to his own words “in her 20’s and is on the thick side” which is oddly specific for a brief liaison.

When he arrived on my doorstep, he dived right in and wanted to deep tongue kiss me. There was no “Hi, how are you?”, no payment upfront, just went straight for the mouth.

I told him to get comfortable and handed him clean towels to take a shower. He refused to shower and insisted on getting right to business. In retrospect, I should have pressed him harder since his dick was covered in smegma and had a very strong fishy odour. I had to wipe and thoroughly clean his junk with wet wipes.

While he was unclothing, we made small talk and I mentioned I’m working to pay off my tuition to complete my dissertation. He chuckled and passively mentioned his daughter was in the process of getting her doctorate at University of Windsor. I wished he stopped there because he wouldn’t shut up about his daughter and her accomplishments as a Catholic school teacher.

This asshole didn’t seem to mind he was paying by the minute and didn’t care that I had other paying customers after him.

Then he spent a significant amount of time badmouthing his wife. He complained how she’s too busy and too tired to fulfill his sexual needs and refuses to cater to his fantasies.

Prior to initiating sex, he insisted that I call myself “Nicole” as part of a role-play and that’s the name he kept moaning as he climaxed.

After he climaxed, he insisted that I remove his condom and kept reminding me he still had a few minutes on the clock. When it came time to pay, he told me he had no exact change, only had $280 and wanted to haggle me for $20. As a single struggling mother, I don’t appreciate being haggled and stiffed over $20.

I want to expose this man for that creep and cheapskate that he truly is, and I highly encourage other sex workers to NOT do business with him.

Just in case this jerk chooses to use a different alias, he currently works for Plasman Group Inc. His email address he used to contact me is malexander@theplasmangroup.com. His home address is 485 Lacasse Windsor ON N8N 4P2. Phone number is (519) 735-9684

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