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This idiot calls himself a Christian and uses Chris as the name he gives to women, married or not! He is married and will seek out women who seem depressed and tell them God sent him to them. Keeps hitting on them until he finally talks his way into their most private lives. Tells them he owns a roofing company, truth is he lives off his nurse wife and is fat and lazy. Tries to talk you into going out of town with him for sex. Also wants you to cheat with him on your BF or Husband. Says he is an ex MMA fighter and at 48yo has a beer belly that rivals his.lying.big mouth. Brags on himself so much he believes his own lies about himself. After he eventually gets you in bed or gets his bj from you he tells you God told him to break it off and that he is being sent to find another lost soul. Thankfully I saw through his crap and let him hang himself on his lies.
Timothy A Bagwell is his REAL name here in Mountain Home Arkansas. He will lie and cheat on his wife with anyone and take you for a ride where your life, marriage, reputation and job is ruined! Beware of this idiot at all costs!

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