Mark Thek Ex CEO Esterline Paso Robles Still A Serial Cheater – Internet Cheaters

Soon I will have a new Novel coming out, under my real name Cynthia Mascott. Since this horrifying real life story came to surface 2015-2018 cheating postings seemed to have settle down. Still being, there are internet cheating sites on BING Search. To warn and inform women of Lisa Glazer and Mark Thek. It has been around 2 decades Mark has been doing sexual crimes of being a Psychopath. In my writings I refer to Mark as MT. On my Cecilia Scott HIM Facebook account and twitter account, till this day I see people viewing my pages. I have asked if anyone has information to share about MT, to please PM me. No luck. I do search him from time to time, hoping one day I will see he finally died of a heart attack. He mixes high blood pressure medication with Viagra. I wonder after years of sex, can he still get it up. It will be a pleasure to read of his death, retribution for all the lives he destroyed. Information I have come to know has changed. He is no longer at Esterline. Occasionally, I have called Lisa, as she told me the news. She said there was a sex scandal with a co-worker. Since the #Metoo movement, companies are more proactive to shut down allegations fast. He seemed to have moved to Paso Robles . I wonder with it being more secluded in that town, where and how does he meet new victims. Craigslist was his main means. Then there was times he traveled for business without Lisa. One time she caught him read handed, as she called his hotel room in Seattle and a women answered. Oh my that story was horrendous, Mark also engaged at a real life Cougar Club bar Called Firefox in Orange County.
HIM is still available. Lisa and Mark even bought my book. Erotic story of my real life relationship with Mark, while he hid Lisa and his secret life. I thought it was just me, but I came to find out there was maybe 100 of women he would meet keep and rotate, lying to all of us. He played to be the perfect man of great deception of a psychopath.

The Unintentional Mistress Revisited
By Cecilia Scott

I want absolution. It is only through Divine intervention/forgiveness that I can go forward without such overwhelming self-recrimination. I’ve done a very horrible thing.

I gave out the name of my ex-guy on a website that exposes people who lie and cheat in their relationship(s). Okay, the reality is, he did lie and cheat and I caught him. But I was no longer involved with him so why am I jeopardizing his reputation?

In reality–it’s been a year since I found out about his lies. Haven’t I had adequate time to get over it?

But here’s the rub—-ever since I found out that he had a girlfriend at the same time he was dating me—I’ve been crazy mad. I am inconsolable. A year of grief is too long and for what?

I measure myself against his girlfriend and I fall short even though she’s really not particularly exceptional.

My guy was such a good liar that he lead me to believe that he was so busy raising his son by himself (his ex-wife was a lunatic, of course); and my guy’s work schedule was so demanding, it left us little time to see each other.

Okay, I always suspected he was lying. His explanations often didn’t quite make sense. But I wanted to think he was a noble soul. I really did.

The Internet is such a cunning and baffling way of connecting with the world. In all truth when I first found out about the existence of his girlfriend it was 5 years since I’d been involved with him. I’d still sometimes check up on him on Google. You never knew what you could find. And always there’d been that slight suspicion.

And finally, there it was. A woman had written a review of a hotel in Europe and attached his name to it. I copy and pasted her name into the Facebook search section, and voila. She’d been a member since 2009 but there were pictures of the two of them and their respective children dating back a decade.

I was mad. I was raving mad. I sent him a WTF text. He and I went back and forth via emails for several months. He tried to minimize his involvement with her but her Facebook page told a truth he couldn’t contradict. They’d spent every major holiday, life event, and school/sports occasions together—not to mention traveling all over world.

I sent her a private message on Facebook when he was acting so belligerent about my finding out about her. She wrote back asking me to call her. She and I had several phone calls. She’d rage against me and then she’d cry. She said I wasn’t the first woman to contact her. She told me I didn’t mean anything to him. I responded by telling her that my affair with him had lasted for two years. She yelled at me some more.

She said she couldn’t leave him. She was financially dependent on him. She didn’t want to be alone. Whatever.

Eventually I couldn’t handle speaking to her. I sent her the names of several psychotherapy agencies in her neighborhood. I wished her well. Sort of. I want to say that I will never, ever call a woman again even if I find myself in the same situation. All I did was hurt an already vulnerable soul. But I hated that he traveled with her to places I was dying to go. How dare he?

When I first met my guy I was absolutely smitten. He was everything I wanted in a man. He was

successful, wealthy, handsome and very excited about meeting me.

“It would be Heaven to wake to you every morning,” he told me on our first date.

Okay, I knew it was premature but it sounded so lovely.

For the first month we spent every free minute together.

And then he disappeared one weekend on a business trip to Seattle. It didn’t make sense. Who does business on the weekend?

His Seattle trip was just the beginning of the push/pull relationship I had with him for the next two years. It was like the daisy where you pick one petal at a time “He loves me. He loves me not” or more accurately “He’s here. He’s not here.”

It was also a little bit like “Where’s Waldo?” or “Up in the Air”. Did he work for the C.I.A.?

He was very earnest about not being available. He was so saddened that his ex-wife didn’t share in the responsibility of caring for their son. He wished he had more time to be with me. He’d make it up to me.

I believed him (sort of). But eventually I got tired of always waiting for him. I broke it off. I’d spent two years begging him to love me.

But we remained friends. I only saw him once after we broke up but we wrote emails and texts to one another. He even gave me great advise about subsequent men who with I was involved. He was absolutely my cheerleader. He’d texted me on every major holiday, exactly at 9:30 a.m. I could’ve set my clock to it. He made a better friend than a lover.


But always, always in the back of my mind I thought there was something not quite right about his story about being alone. . It didn’t make sense that a man of his stature, wealth and good looks would not have a steady girlfriend. But in the 7 years I’d known him there was never any mention of another woman.


Once I’d found out about his girlfriend I had to force myself to not look at her Facebook page. Their repeated trips to Europe were maddening. I was unemployed and stuck in my apartment waiting for my life to change. It clearly was not fair.

I’d go cold turkey, not looking at her Facebook page for several months at a time. But always I’d be drawn back into the intrigue. Was he still with her? Would she eventually get sick of his lying and break it off with him? Would he finally meet someone he had stronger feelings for? His son was now in college. He didn’t need her as much to look after his kid when he worked long hours (or met other women for that matter).

But every time I looked on her Facebook page there would be photos of the two of them, smiling with a cinematic view of a European city in the background. And then, when they were back at home, their children would be in the pictures. They were the perfect blended family.


According to Sex Love Addicts Anonymous I am addicted to this man. He is my “qualifier”, the object of my obsession. The only way to recover is to “Go No Contact”. That means not looking at her Facebook page or contacting him.

I’ve had marginal success with this. I can go for months without contact but then when I have too much time on my hands—or an article I wrote is turned down by a magazine—or a job I applied for is given to someone else—I find myself back in sleuthing mode.


Then last week I came across the incriminating website. The whole premise of the website is to report the person who has done you wrong thereby saving other men or women the same grief. In an emotional blackout, I put all of my ex’s information on the site. I reported that he had a girlfriend but that he told women he was single. Within a half hour a woman wrote me back on the site, stating that he’d told her he had a bad divorce but hadn’t mentioned having a girlfriend.

I looked my guy up on Google and on the second page of his Google entries, the website had disclosed the information I had given them.

I freaked out. In all honesty I didn’t want him to find out I’d reported him. Shouldn’t I be over him by now? And he had a rather important position. I didn’t want his employees to find out about his double life.

I asked the administration of the website repeatedly to remove him from their website but they wouldn’t answer me.

I went back up on to the website and wrote that I was a psychiatric patient who had been rejected by him and so had made stories up about him.

A day later, I wrote to the woman who had inquired about him and gave her the information that would lead her to discovering his double life.

I am currently suffering from a myriad of contradicting feelings. I know that reporting my ex-lover to the website was a HUGE mistake. I feel so guilty I can’t see straight.

I don’t want to tell anyone about my most recent shenanigans but at the same time I’d like a huge crowd of women to shout “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Does my guy deserve what he got?

And when will I move on?

I’m hoping the website management will finally take my entry off completely. A friend of mine who is an IT genius said people rarely look past the first page of Google. He told me that over time if it remained on the Internet it would eventually be in the back pages of my guy’s Google listings.

In the meantime I’m looking for absolution but doubting I’ll ever get it.


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  1. One of Mark Thek past victims

    What a read. The past memories of sex with Mark, being all over me, makes me sick to the core. I knew something wasn’t right, but this. I just did a web tracker of Mark Thek and Lisa Glazer. True psychopaths they are. I am just grateful I didn’t get a std or there could of been violence or worse. Women be safe.

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