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Mark Thek Ex CEO Esterline Paso Robles Still A Serial Cheater


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Soon I will have a new Novel coming out, under my real name Cynthia Mascott. Since this horrifying real life story came to surface 2015-2018 cheating postings seemed to have settle down. Still being, there are internet cheating sites on BING Search. To warn and inform women of Lisa Glazer and Mark Thek. It has been around 2 decades Mark has been doing sexual crimes of being a psychopath. In my writings I refer to Mark as MT. On my Cecilia Scott HIM Facebook account and twitter account, till this day I see people viewing my pages. I have asked if anyone has information to share about MT, to please PM me. No luck. I do search him from time to time, hoping one day I will see he finally died of a heart attack. He mixes high blood pressure medication with Viagra. I wonder after years of sex, can he still get it up.    It will be a pleasure to read of his death, retribution for all the lives he destroyed. Information I have come to know has changed. He is no longer at Esterline. Occasionally, I have called Lisa, as she told me the news. She said there was a sex scandal with a co-worker. Since the #Metoo movement, companies are more proactive to shut down allegations fast. He seemed to have moved to Paso Robles.  I wonder with it being more secluded in that town, where and how does he meet new victims. Craigslist was his main means. Then there was times he traveled for business without Lisa. One time she caught him read handed, as she called his hotel room in Seattle and a women answered. Oh my, that story was horrendous, Mark also engaged at a real life Cougar Club bar Called Firefox in Orange County.

HIM is still available. Lisa and Mark even bought my book. Erotic story of my real life relationship with Mark, while he hid Lisa and his secret life. I thought it was just me, but I came to find out there was maybe 100 of women he would meet keep and rotate, lying to all of us. He played to be the perfect man of great deception of a psychopath.

The Unintentional Mistress

By Cecilia Scott

In the scheme of things, a person who has an unfaithful partner is by far the most injured party when the equation in a “relationship” doesn’t equal two. It’s a one plus one world we live in. It’s society’s expectation and even if biology suggests that human beings are polygamous by nature and monogamous by societal restraints…let’s face it…it’s a lot less messy to “love” just one person at a time.

I personally believe that above and beyond any biological imperative…only morally bereft people choose to be unfaithful. In other words, if you can’t imagine being faithful to the one you’re with…break it off with him/her and find someone to whom you can foresee being loyal for the long haul.

My situation was a little different. I unknowingly entered into an “affair” with a man who was already seriously involved with someone. He and his girlfriend were raising their families together. Although my guy was primarily cheating on her by being with me, his omitting to tell me about her was shattering.

Finding out about his double life was catastrophic. Perhaps the worst of it was that I was no longer involved with him when I found out about his primary relationship. When I confronted him with my discovery of his duplicity, he argued that we were no longer together. This clearly decreased my credibility

Yet because of his double life, we never really had a chance. I believe this is what hurt the most. He treated me at ‘arm’s length’ through much of the two years I was involved with him and I was never sure why. Now with the truth in front of me…I saw that he never intended to leave his girlfriend. There was nothing I could do about that.

My guy was extremely earnest when I met him. I found him online and he absolutely wooed me. As is customary of a man without a sense of right from wrong, my guy made a lot of promises when we first met. He’d take me on European trips and spa vacations in the United States. I’d meet his son. We would be exclusive.

In addition he’d told me I was amazingly beautiful, intelligent and creative. “You bring such joy and excitement to my life,” he wrote to me in an email.

Yet his promises and proclamations were equal to his cancelled dates, unavailability on weekends and lies.

On more than one occasion he texted me to tell me he was in one part of the world only to write on the same day saying he was elsewhere. There was no way other than through time travel he could have been in two places at the same time.

I overlooked it. I wanted our “relationship” to work. I’d never been involved with a man of his stature. He was prominent in his field. He was rich, handsome and articulate. He owned a beachfront home.

I’m a therapist and I’ve worked with physically and psychiatrically ill patient for years. I started working with special needs children when I was 17 and I’ve worked ever since in schools and hospitals. I was exhausted. Like a soldier I’d done my duty. I was quite willing to give it up for the promise of a life with this handsome and successful man. He waved a magic wand and I became under his spell.


Ours was a torrid love affair. He was an ardent lover. We literally couldn’t get enough of each other during the stolen moments I had with hm. It was hard to imagine that he could be having this kind of sex at the same time with someone else. He certainly fulfilled all of my sexual needs. It was very powerful.

Even though he told me he wanted to see me all the time, it never quite worked out that way. He had set excuses for his absences. According to my guy he had sole custody of his adolescent son. His work schedule and his teen son’s school and sports schedule precluded our seeing each other as much as he would have liked.

He was very rarely available on weekends. He argued his son was involved in the swim team, soccer and other sports. As a dutiful father, he wanted to go to all of his kid’s activities. As well he should. I could hardly begrudge him that.

Did I mention he traveled a lot for work?


Looking back, I realize he could have written a book on excuses for not being available to me. Yet when I confronted him about his absences…he’d reassure me he wished it were different…


Weekends without my lover were unbearable. Red flags were everywhere. I mean really. What did he take me for? But he was wonderfully romantic when we were together.


He promised me trips but never delivered on them. Instead I’d get a selfie of him at the Tuileries garden; a photo of him at a Prague restaurant wearing a red wool scarf while he sipped on a cup of coffee; a picture from his hotel room in Paris. It was snowing outside.

“I wish you were here with me, he’d write, “It would be so romantic.

Oh, such beautiful, beautiful promises. I believed him. It would just be a matter of time before I’d accompany him.


My guy and I were in constant communication whether he was abroad or at home. We’d send countless texts throughout the day giving me a sense of false intimacy.

But he refused to give me a commitment. When I’d try to pin him down, he’d become very distant. Once I wrote something in the vein of “What about us?” And his response was “there is no us”.

Yet there were mixed messages. In another email he wrote, “I adore you, body and soul”.

Within the two years we were involved, I broke up with him a half dozen times. But one or the other would break the silence. We still “needed” each other.

Throughout those years, I’d write long tortured emails. “Love me,” I begged him.

But the end was without any real drama. The last 2 times I saw him, I couldn’t quite muster the same kind of sexual interest in him. I’d retreated emotionally and this translated in to pushing him away sexually.

No fool, he. He could feel my withdrawal. We stopped texting and emailing each other on a daily basis.

Regardless, we stayed in touch. I’d always hear from him on the holidays. I could set my clock to it. By 9:30 on any given holiday, he’d send me a message. Both of us wanted to have some sort of connection.

After some time had passed, I began writing a book, loosely based on my relationship with my guy. Mischief Books/Harpers Collins, UK under my pseudonym, Cecilia Scott, published “Him” as an e-book in May 2014.


What I did not know throughout the entire time I was involved with him was that he already had a girlfriend…a full time girlfriend. It wasn’t as if I was so surprised. His lack of availability certainly indicated he was already spoken for. But at the same time, I didn’t want it to be true.

When I’d see him he acted honorable and sincere. I’d asked him periodically if there was someone else but he always denied it. I’d just have to accept his reasons for being unavailable. I vacillated in believing him.

There was one instance when his conscience must have gotten the better of him. He called me frantically telling me “I have other responsibilities”. When I asked him whether he was already involved with someone else, he said “no”. He claimed he was talking about his work.

However, there was a part of me that never quite believed him. At some point in time, I called a private eye in his area. I explained to the detective that I thought my guy might be living a double life. The detective told me that for $2,000 he could follow my guy over the course of a weekend. “Look, you might as well save your money,” he said. “If you suspect there’s something fishy, there’s a 90% chance you’re right”.


I was merely bored when I Googled him on the day I found out about his girlfriend,. He held an important enough position that there were often photos or articles about him on the Internet. But on that day and in the age of electronic “sleuthing”, it took just one click and there she was…a woman’s name popped up along with his on a link. I opened it up and saw a photo of him and her at some sort of business function. I was shocked. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Subsequently, I looked her up on Facebook. It was all there. She’d joined FB a couple of years earlier, but there were photographs of my guy with her and their respective children dating back a decade.

Our “relationship” overlapped 100%.

From looking at her Facebook page I could see that he and his son spent every holiday and life events (graduations, sport ceremonies, vacations) with her and her children. It was absolutely a blended family. On many of the trips when he had sent me texts saying how much he wished I were with him…she was there.

I saw the same photos he’d sent me on her Facebook page. It occurred to me that she must have taken the pictures. Would he want to send me the pix when she’d gone to the bathroom, fallen asleep or gone downstairs to pick up some items from the hotel store? What odd little thrill went through him at that instance? Did he feel he was getting away with something by sending me the photos behind her back? And there I was, sitting in my one bedroom condo in the San Fernando Valley enthralled that he was thinking of me when he was so far away on business. Really, what motivates a man to behave in this manner? Why would anyone want to deliberately hurt two women he professed to care about?


Once I found out about her, I spent hours on her Facebook page. We were so different from one another. She’d lived a really narrow life. She’d never moved away from her hometown and was not self-supporting. She’d attended a local university, about 5 miles from where she’d grown up. She was truly a mother and housewife.

I left home to attend college 700 miles north from where my parent’s lived when I was 18-years-old. I loved my parents deeply but I couldn’t wait to be on my own. I lived a decade in the Pacific Northwest and another in Massachusetts.

I hadn’t married or had children and I was entirely self-sufficient. I’d am well known in my field. I wrote books and novels in my free time. Why would he have chosen her over me? I was far more independent and accomplished.

My guy and his girlfriend were both raising their children together. They’d combined their efforts especially making it easier for him. When he’d have to work late in to the evening, she could take care of his son until he arrived back at her home to pick him up (or have his son with her when my guy came to see me, for that matter).

I am not quite sure why he felt the need to see other women. I could understand my appeal since I was sexy and I had a wider worldview. But her hold on him was enormous. They were family even if they lived in separate homes and hadn’t married.

I didn’t like her. I rather hated her.

As well as I should. And even though time had passed and I was no longer involved with him as I stared at her Facebook photos…I wished he’d drop her to be with me. Women are naturally competitive. He’d cheated on both of us, really. He had literally cheated on her by being with me. But he cheated me out of having a “real” relationship by omitting telling me about her

I emailed my guy and told him I’d discovered his double life. At first he denied it. In fact he was furious at me for Googling him and for “stalking” his girlfriend on Facebook. “Why do you care?” he asked. “We haven’t been involved in a long time.”

I was relentless in my appeals to him to stop blaming me. It didn’t matter that I was no longer involved with him. The reality is he had lied to me for a really long time. Because he had never told me the truth from the beginning it became glaringly apparent I’d never stood a chance with him. While we were together I’d sent him so many tortured emails begging him to be with me. How humiliating. I was the injured party here.

Eventually he became more forthright about it.

“I wanted my son to have a semblance of a family,” he wrote me. “And you wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

It’s true I didn’t have a child. But I’ve help raise my share of children in my life. I was really good at it.

Whatever. My guy was eventually able to apologize to me but not after a number of impassioned emails I sent to him.

“I am sorry I caused you so much grief,” he wrote. “I shouldn’t have done what I did.” These apologies however were hollow. The damage had already been done.


There’s more to the story. But here’s the rub.

I got stuck in this drama. I had to force myself to not look at her Facebook page. It represented a life I wanted and could not have.

I hated her. I hated her. I hated her.

I called her.

She screamed at me and then she cried. I wasn’t the only woman who had contacted her. Apparently my guy had been a serial cheater.

She called me several days later. It was a rerun. She told me I meant nothing to him and then she collapsed in to tears.

So she didn’t exactly have the best relationship with him.

But she was going to continue to stay involved with him. Could I kindly disappear?

In the movies, the wronged women galvanize their efforts to get back at him (“The First Wife’s Club”, “The Other Women”). Instead I sobbed to anyone who’d listen to me. I played the victim well.


I’ve had a long time to process this and it still hurts. But I’ve come to realize the following:

I can’t be my guy’s moral compass.

If there are red flags from the beginning, run.

I wish I’d known all along about his relationship status. I might have proceeded anyway but it would have been with my informed consent.

If you suspect you’re involved with someone who is leading a double life…you probably are. Do a background check. If you have the money hire a private detective. Google the guy right away. Ask him to be your Facebook friend. It’s a great source of information.

Even though you know better you might find yourself trying to win him back. I found myself falling back in love with him. I thought that if I pushed hard enough he’d come back to me. Such folly.

Don’t expect the guy to ever leave his primary relationship for you. You know too much anyway.

I’m glad I didn’t have to pick up his son from school, cook dinner for the kid and perform other “motherly” duties…even if the payment included trips to Europe and a “semblance of a family”. Without fidelity, it wasn’t worth it. In reality, she was the nanny. I was the mistress. It was all so very convenient for him.

Your friends will eventually get tired of listening to you talk about him. They’ll try to make you feel better by saying he was cheating on her more than he was cheating on you. That might be correct, but it won’t make you feel any better. In reality you’ve been dubbed and you’re going to have to white knuckle it before you feel even remotely better.

And then resort to poetry to get your through the worst of it. Anne Sexton said it best in her poem, “For My Lover, Returning to His Wife”:

She is the sum of yourself and your dream

Climb her like a monument, step after step. She is solid.

As for me, I am a watercolor. I wash off.

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