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The Unintentional Mistress Revisited
By Cecilia Scott

Soon I will have a new Novel coming out, under my real name Cynthia Mascott. Since this horrifying real life story came to surface 2015-2018 cheating postings seemed to have settle down. Still being, there are internet cheating sites on BING Search. To warn and inform women of Lisa Glazer and Mark Thek. It has been around 2 decades Mark has been doing sexual crimes of being a Psychopath. In my writings I refer to Mark as MT. On my Cecilia Scott HIM Facebook account and twitter account, till this day I see people viewing my pages. I have asked if anyone has information to share about MT, to please PM me. No luck. I do search him from time to time, hoping one day I will see he finally died of a heart attack. He mixes high blood pressure medication with Viagra. I wonder after years of sex, can he still get it up. It will be a pleasure to read of his death, retribution for all the lives he destroyed. Information I have come to know has changed. He is no longer at Esterline. Occasionally, I have called Lisa, as she told me the news. She said there was a sex scandal with a co-worker. Since the #Metoo movement, companies are more proactive to shut down allegations fast. He seemed to have moved to Paso Robles . I wonder with it being more secluded in that town, where and how does he meet new victims. Craigslist was his main means. Then there was times he traveled for business without Lisa. One time she caught him red handed, as she called his hotel room in Seattle and a women answered. Oh my that story was horrendous, Mark also engaged at a real life Cougar Club bar Called Firefox in Orange County.
HIM is still available. Lisa and Mark even bought my book. Erotic story of my real life relationship with Mark, while he hid Lisa and his secret life. I thought it was just me, but I came to find out there was maybe 100 of women he would meet keep and rotate, lying to all of us. He played to be the perfect man of great deception of a psychopath.

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