Marc Wuthrich & Aubrey Wuthrich

Marc has is black market steroid addict and pedophile. He tried to poison me slowly, to put me in a coma. Due to a got life insurance policy he stole my email and identity to get!! He paid $250 for the policy and put the beneficiary at his daughter’s old address 80031. That pays out for disease or injury to them. I haven’t been the same since. PLEASE don’t let these people ruin your lives!!
If you have come in contact with him at all even as a waitress at a restaurant. Check your bank accounts and if there’s any unknown charges, report them immediately! Please check your credit as well. If there’s unknown ATM charges then they have photos of the criminals. They also ordered checks on to copy your checks.
They are a daddy-daughter conteam and Target single women and men for romance cons.
Marc gives his daughter his prescribed pain pills, LSD, Molly and alcohol she’s only 19 at the moment. But she is far from a victim she is highly skilled manipulator. She has every chance to leave her father but won’t. They are running away to an unknown location. Trying to get away with stealing their own mother and grandmother’s identity, his sister Lisa since I found a tax return here, his brother Erik and more!
He is addicted to ordering things on the black market. and he gambled all his money away and used it on Black market p*** as well as buying stupid things from China to try to sell on Amazon. they already spent their 1.7 million dollars but they pretend to have it and that it’s supposably Frozen and an account due to a divorce. All of that is a complete and utter lie that they admitted! He orders child porn that we found on hard drive, steroids since we found them, dirty needles, and meth baggies! That were empty and used all over the house.
These people think it’s fun to use Ouija boards and worship the devil. Just like you can see on Aubrey’s ridiculous YouTube channel where she just talks about being a victim… she is a field want to be due to start that just talks about nonsense. Go dislike her posts. She is extremely trashy and flunked/left high school. As everyone said she was a slut. She eats fast food on a sofa by her dad feeds her on or other boyfriends. She’s becoming extremely overweight because of it. You can usually see her scantily-clad in Daisy dukes that show her ass. or a low-cut shirt that shows her tits and they are both huge since she is incredibly overweight now.
Marc cheats on his wife and she cheats on her boyfriends and lies constantly.
They will try to put all of their crimes on you. They took every dime that I had my life savings, every dime I made for the past three years. When I was taking care of Marc. He fake seizures just like criminals do, to get out of solitary confinement. The way you can tell is that he never bites his tongue nor wets his pants. He also causes seizures by injecting illegal steroids or too much insulin.
He is the real life two faced. He frames and blames other people for their crimes. He was a lawyer with his convicted pedophile brother who molested his own daughter 16 times (as Marx claims). He was a criminal lawyer and that was his partner Todd Wuthrich and brother! he tries desperately to get him out of jail so he has his other partner-in-crime back. They both got suspended and are going to be disbarred. Since they both have criminal records for embezzling stealing. Soon to be pedophiles in jail getting anally penetrated just like they did to their victims. Marc is HIV positive and is a bottom that likes to get done in the butt. Aubrey has HPV, as well as chlamydia which is why she is constantly bleeding. she calls her dad when she gets you to get us every single month! She’s has even become allergic to the antibiotics because she takes it every month. She is very very dirty and does not wash yourself or brush her hair. Her brother sent me a bag of 16 condoms that I’d found in the basement! She also left diarrhea stained underpants as well as. Blood all over her underpants and pants.
Since Marc is going through a divorce. He is filling up his daughters Bitcoin account. Please let me know if anybody knows how to access records on bitcoin? Madelinehairdesign on Instagram DM me.
He spoils her by her stolen money for makeup and drugs. Just to shut her up because he molests and had sex with her as a child. she sadly thinks it is normal and has a daddy fetish. He obviously has a daughter fetish and obsession as well! he only does this cuz his worst fears being in jail as a pedophile like his ex partner bro. In his divorce his daughter’s both blackmail him. since all she cares about is money!!! His son is actually transgendered M to F. he bought him a chest job and other surgeries since he feels bad and doesn’t want to be exposed for his pedophilia.
Any info on these two? Contact me. We have a $2,000 reward if you find some before March 2020.
He doesn’t really care about his daughter he just wanted to use her name and account since he’s going through a divorce. I was 15 years younger than him and she took me for everything and ruined my credit. Luckily Aubrey had a Amazon Prime card in her possession that she used for cash advances so there’s photos of her with the place. You can see Marc on mugshot Monday under a Google search. We are so looking for a bounty hunter in Jacksonville, FL. I’ll pay the $2,000 please contact me. We luckily have a PI2 on this case as well as the attorney general behind us!!!
I won’t stop until I get my money back. Luckily I’m extremely hard-working. And we have a team of / 26 people that they took advantage of financially and mentally. They also took her ex-boyfriend’s mother for over a hundred and $110,000. He also works with his bank owner brother at Chase in Greeley Chad Wuthrich. They have fake expired companies. They use to convince people they are financial Managers! So they can steal their money!!!
Please save yourself and do not talk to these two. I will never be the same again.

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