Marc Lujan/DJ Injun Trubl Of Wichita

Hey Nik, see this guy Marc Lujan/DJ Injun Trubl? He thinks he’s some sort of DJ or something when he really thinks that vinyl is a type of clothing! He goes to all the “raves” and “burns” and absolutely ruins them. Sometimes his music is so bad that the cops are called. He also thinks he’s sexy and sh*t when he’s fat from eating a bunch of tacos. He tries to stay healthy by eating sushi that he makes himself, but I’m sure he loads those with peanut butter so he can keep his “girlish” figure and why everything he cooks tastes like sh*t. Everyone in Wichita needs to watch out for this guy. His music will make your ears bleed, his face will make you blind if you look directly at it, and his laugh is so goddamn annoying you think that it should be classified as an inhumane torture device and wish you were dead. The only reason people even let him play is because they feel sorry for him and he’ll go in the corner and cry and pout until you give him a set! So if you ever see this guy somewhere, leave like everyone else does when they see him setting up because he ruins everything!

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