Logan Medicine Crane, Lindamae Baptiste,

Logan Medicine Crane:

can you keep your onlyfans whore on a leash. Even though she claims to be in a relationship with you she fights everyone for her baby daddy.
lmfao Onlyfans aint paying you anymore

Logan she’s a big liar she was fucking Dominic in August September and October.

you’re going to learn real fast that she’s nothing but a dirty whore..

have them both let Dominic fuck your ass hole while Logan fucks your pussy and your kids can watch..

Logan your grimy ass bitch keeps fighting with all Dom‘s girlfriends hahaha how does that make you feel that she can’t get over her baby daddy stink whore

Logan just so you know she messages him through her emails and on TickTock she’s a whore get that through your black foot skull she ain’t no good for you..

Logan how embarrassing you found your girlfriend off onlyfans haha 😂 claiming that happy family lmfao…..


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