Liar and Fraud Aneeqa Farid and sugar daddy Toronto Canada – Internet Cheaters

Liar and Fraud Aneeqa Farid and sugar daddy Toronto Canada

Well lookie here… Toronto-based Instagram thot Aneeqa Farid is a prostitute who sleeps with old geezers in exchange for money and gifts. LMAO Photos and videos of this STD infected hooker Aneeqa Farid with multiple old guys (over 65 years of age) are all on the web for y’all to see… on Twitter, IG, YouTube, Reddit. Haaaw yeah son, Aneeqa Farid has always been a lowekey escort but on Insta she put up this facade of livin’ the glorious life and travellin’ the world… all paid for by these grandpas that she got dicked by, lol. All those photos of her trips to Miami, Bahamas, Dubai were all s*x-filled travels with these old-timers. Aneeqa Farid took along her hooker shordys / girl friends to get smashed by these old dudes for money. Group s*x thang baby! Aneeqa Farid’s father is a Pakistani taxi driver, her mother (her father’s 1st cousin) is a disabled stay-at-home welfare collector, her terrorist brother is in jail for attempted terrorism, her sister (a s*x addict like her) tried suicide multiple times and died of a drug overdose. Aneeqa Farid lies to people sayin’ that she is 23 but on the real she be 37 yo. She old AF. All that heavy makupe, false lashes, b**b job (paid for by a previous sugar daddy who sued her to get the money back) is an illusion. Aneeqa Farid lost her virginity at age 13 to a black man who was in his 50s, he bought her first cell phone, clothes, alcohol and lots of drugs. He also had an a**l s*x with Aneeq Farid according to her skanky friend Jasrina. Y’all MFers gotz to know Aneeqa Farid be a hella nasty call girl fo’ real yo. No brotha gonna marry this ho’. Aneeqa Farid may need to look in to IVF treatment afta all dat abortions, l***o. More photos of this fake a*s fat overweight thunder thigh s**t Aneeqa Farid EXPOSED with her sugar daddy Lester at and also on

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