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You would think that being someone best friend would mean something, but in reality it really doesn’t. I had this girl move in with her son cause she lost her place. She did her part as a women and help around the house. She helped with my kids and she did her part as my friend and had my back, but what i didn’t know that she was spending a lot of time on her back with my husband. Not only did she make believe she was my friend, she made me think that there was nothing going on between her and him. The fact that you would think she’s your friend and you can have her a round your man with no problem, but in reality you can’t cause she will do is sleep with him over and over while your at work. Now she sits and tell everyone that this is all a lie, but when you got evidence and voice calls about her telling your husband she caught something and that they both have to take medicine to clear it up is sad. I really do hate this girl and at one point I really thought that I could forgive her, but I lied to myself she can’t be forgiven. No friend in their right mind should do this to someone like ruin a family. How cold can you be? Are you so depressed to have your own you have to destroy someone else’s? This women is not one to trust she will fill your head up with so much bullshit and not realize that she will get caught. I would say I wish her the very best in life, but she such a dishonorable person karma is all she really needs. She’s not a resilient person, she is a mistake in life.

Laura Favela

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