Laire and David Lightner Direct Crypt/XBlok – Internet Cheaters

Laire Lightner is a social media influencer. She and her husband David cofounded Direct Crypt in 2018 along side David DiStefano. (Google his name) This company ended up being a scam. No one has received any money back. Laire doesn’t feel she is responsible in paying people back even though she brought her following over and said the company was “100% legit.” So many people loaned the company money because of her and she eventually left the company without telling her following because she knew right before the start (before she began raising funds) that David DiStefano was  not 100% legit. She needs to be held responsible and accountable due to her lack of promised integrity, honesty, and transparency. She is known for hopping from company to company enticing people to hand over their hard earned money for it to go directly into her pocket.  She is a savvy, self centered business woman who only looks out for herself and her family. She states she cares about the average person but actions speak louder than words. She needs to be investigated in her role in Direct Crypt.

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