Kristin M. Schuh. CEO Of The Vestigate App.Not A Woman At All To Trust.

Kristin Schuh. CEO of The Vestigate app. All I can say is this. You can not at all trust her. If you are a fool and do……. Good luck to you.. She has fooled so many people. She used to be an Attorney lost her license due to deceiving a client out of about 20k. Never showed up not 1’s but 2’s to defend herself. She received Default Judgment. Then they took away her license to practice law. Then she starts an app called The Vestigate. And people that have invested money in it. They suing her. She is not returning their Investment back. And claiming she doesn’t have the money. Which is bogus. If she didn’t have any money. How is she able travelling. Paying her rent. On top of that. The Vestigate app is still out there. If she didn’t have cash flow. The app would have gone bye bye. She has the money. She’s ripping people off. If she’s broke then why online when you look her name up. It tells a completely different story. I enclosed the statistic. Even the Law School she went to sued her. Everything about her is online. About her. She even was Married. Then tried to screw him over Alimony. Marriage of convenience. He gave her a ton of money to get her out of his life completely. She has several restraining orders on her. People that have sued her she’s harassed. This Woman is no one you can trust. I’m told she’s facing charges for fraud. She’s committing White Collar Crime.

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