Kimberly Yori Marquee’s – Las Vegas, Nevada – Cheater Bot

Kimberly works as a bottle service girl at one of Las Vegas popular nightclubs. She portrays herself as a successful independent businesswoman but in reality she gold digs the guys that buy tables at Marquee. She will take interest in the guys / tables that drop the most money on bottles and then make her way to the ones wearing expensive jewelry. She’s constantly posting her lavish lifestyle with her designer clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and travels but we all know who’s really paying for it – one of many sugar daddys she’s spreading her legs for. Just recently in April she was arrested for traveling to Hawaii during quarantine with some poor schmuck. Of course, she was caught due to her active posting on social media [REDACTED]. She’s trying really hard to be an influencer and also promoting some pyramid scheme beauty line “Monet”. She does work as a model for Porsche and travels for car shows, which is another opportunity for her to prey on men that are potential Porsche buyers. She does not care if you’re old, young, fat, skinny, ugly or even married. If you got the money you’ll set off her gold digging radar. I will admit, she doesn’t look bad since getting all the injections

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