Kenneth Chatlos Limp D1ck Scum Bag ~

Kenneth Chatlos Limp D1ck Scum Bag

Kenneth Chatlos Limp D1ck Scum Bag. Omg let’s first start with how he plays this game of how beautiful u are to him, wine and dine you makes u believe u found the perfect man of your dreams and then one day he starts having multiple personalities and thinks ur out to get him and totally twist ur feelings and heart completely making it seem like u never mattered ! Well then it’s the ex comes back in the picture and all of the sudden he is fukin her again and u and god knows who else! While still playing with ur heart telling u he is sorry and then he starts complaining about his balls hurting and then just completely starts being the worst piece of sh1t u can imagine! He is totally opposite of who u met! It was all lies from the beginning! All I have to say is watch out for him he is a game playing a55hole who will take ur heart and completely rip it out and do it over and over again!

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