Joslyn Baptiste Registered Sex Offender

This old washed up Sampson Cree nation whore SHERRY BAPTISTE  has been recently diagnosed with cancer in her left tit but this individual consistently likes to fight and bicker with other women she’s a jealous old whore works at the casino bingo hall and likes to fight women Who are doing better off than her she’s a jealous whore she’s fought with so many people all her lives especially over her daughter Lindamae Baptiste, her daughter is a whore also and that’s probably why Sherry has cancer now.

Bobby and Robert said they’re tired of paying for your pussy you should shut down shop Sherry you have cancer your Calgary housing unit is like a revolving door for men they go in and out they fuck your loose stink pussy lips.


remember you old whore what you give out to the universe you get back in return and you got yours…


karma got you right in the Tit lmfao 😂


now instead of trying to fight everybody maybe you should focus on healing maybe you should talk to your whore of a daughter and tell her to stop fighting around that onlyfans whore, your daughter is so jealous of other women we get it she’s ugly you probably drank with her that’s why she’s fucked up like that FAS yesss Darryl Brass thought he found a good one you were just a whore you couldn’t keep your family together or your legs closed long enough to keep a husband so he left you with that ugly little bitch.

Maybe you and your fucking slutty daughter should stop fighting with other women  and you won’t fucking find your names bashed all over sites like this 🥰😘


sending you lots of positive prayers and vibes for your cancer 🐖 sending lots of prayers of death your way ☠️🫀🦷🦷😈😈🤡👺👹


to be honest nobody gives a fuck about your cancer so stop telling everybody at the casino that you have cancer nobody cares we get sick and tired of hearing your shit around the casino you and your fucked up twin or miserable we get it….

you and your twin live a really miserable life and you bring that shit to work and we all have to fucking hear your bullshit…

stay home sickness

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