Joey Czikk is a Rapist, White-Supremacist and an Incel Creep

Joey Czikk is a Rapist and an Incel Creep

In 2018, Joey Czikk raped his female classmate at a house party he hosted in Windsor Ontario. Her name was Samantha DeFazio and he forced sexual penetration onto her when she was too weak and inebriated to fight back. Despite her protests, he kept forcing sexual intercourse.

Not only did he rape this poor girl, but he also dropped more than $10000 on lawyer to force the University to intimidate her into signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This NDA forbade her and her close friends from taking any legal action, nor were they allowed to disclose this crime to her classmates and professors.

To further pour salt into the proverbial wound, he used his influence and manipulation to turn the entire school program against this poor girl. He singlehandedly devastated her university experience and ruined her life. Samantha and her friend spent the rest of the two years being harassed and ostracized by their classmates.

He was taken under the wing of another rightwing Incel creep professor named Christopher Greig, who shielded him and provided unconditional support.

Anticipating his teaching license will be stripped by the province, he quit teaching and fled the country. He’s currently hiding in Columbia where he started a fledgling catholic-themed coffee bean venture.

Not only is Joey Czikk an unrepentant rapist, but he also has secret affiliations with White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, members of the Alt-Right and online Incels trolls. He’s also an extremely right-wing Catholic with ties to right-wingers in Central Europe, specifically Hungary and Poland.

I am reporting on this platform because, I, a former professor at the University of Windsor, was publicly fired for complaining about a colleague who was sexually taking advantage of his female students. Just like Samantha, I also was forced to sign an NDA and was forced to be silent. As a woman, lawyer and feminist, it is my duty to expose sexual predators and misogynist everywhere, especially at the campus that I taught at. If you want to know more about me, you can look me up at the Windsor Star where I made headlines for demanding justice for female students.

For the last year, I have been keeping in touch with this brave young woman and her story needs to be heard by everyone. I might be one woman, but we can collectively do justice for Samantha and finally take down this creep while exposing the UWindsor administration for its complacency.

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