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If Jim Pryal contacts you run as fast as you can, he will stalk you and make your life a living h**l. Jim has to find employment and s*x outside of his hometown of Escanaba because his reputation proceeds him. He has accomplished nothing in his 40+ years of being alive. When he was 27 he knocked up a strung out 16 year old junkie, he has been a half a*s deadbeat dad to his daughter since the day she was born. He has defaulted on child support and allowed his daughter to live and grow up in a drug house.
Stay as far away as you can from him. He has a small p***s and a huge abusive temper. Every word he says is a lie all he wants is s*x from you. He is on every Internet dating website out there . He has profiles (usually hidden) on most of the popular dating sites. He also looks for women to hook up with Instagram and Facebook.
Jim uses women for their money because he can’t keep a job. He prays on the women he thinks he can manipulate and will use them for every dime they have.
Seeing Jim’s haggard face on all of these cheating websites is hilarious and well deserved. Trust this short fat caveman looking waste of space at your own risk! His ‘game’ is a smooth one, obviously honed after years of practice. Women, Beware!
He has to lie all the time. He’s ashamed to admit to all the psychotic behaviors he has. There is a reason he is 40 something and has never been in a long term relationship. He has incredibly low self esteem, he’s unstable & manipulative.
He doesn’t only like his women young and damaged, he has a sick obsession with married women. He’s the guy a woman calls when she’s bored lonely and desperate, he’s nothing more than an easy lay.
When a women loses interest in him he gets off on s**t shaming them, He cannot handle the rejection. One would think after all these years of being unwanted he would form some sort of coping mechanism. He refuses to use a condom so when you are sleeping with him you are sleeping with half the state of Michigan. Do not trust this man. He will use you for everything you have worked hard for because he has nothing, no future! He will cry the blues and play victim to get you to help!

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