Jillian Quist Roseville CA Bestiality K9 Dog affair and rips Family apart After Conviction

Jillian Quist Roseville CA Bestiality K9 Dog affair and rips Family apart After Conviction

Jillian Quist was convicted for Bestiality in Sacramento County a couple months back. She had sexual relations with dog(s) and she’s been having sexual relations with dogs for quite some time and and she was caught and criminally prosecuted. The ensuing stress and drama has caused the relationship with her fiancé to dissolve as he lost his dog because of her sexual propensity to have sexual relations with his pitbull unbeknownst to him. Even after her recent conviction she still partakes in bestiality and continues to do so and recently she was on home arrest and she was having sexual relations with canines while on home arrest and she is currently still on probation. Jillian now is just more careful and doesn’t use the video as much and she makes sure she has all control of videos but she does like to be videoed having canine sex. Her church was made aware of this criminal act against dogs and her propensity for Bestiality and they are currently looking at excommunicating her from the church. Furthermore she has made up many lies and told the courts these false allegations and used those lies as the basis for obtaining several different restraining orders on at least 2 gentleman and perhaps 3. She has stoled or ran off with guys cars several different Times of guys she had just recently met within the last day or two and she punks them and doesn’t look like look at it like it’s stealing because they said she could take the car but the agreement was for an hour or two Knot 4 or 5 days or even more. With one gentleman she forged his signature and signed the pink slip over to her and she has done many Different. Acts of gross disrespect and punking people that care for her. Jillian is an incredibly ungrateful person and she likes to punk people and sinse her reign of terror has begun say 5 years ago she has lost custody and currently has NO visitation of her girls and to top it off even more Then her acts against animals in particular Dog’s she is into daddy daughter kink humiliation role-play where her daughters role-play having sex with their dad and getting penetrated and raped by him. Its the humiliation of her daughters and The baby daddy that really turns her on and that’s really her number one thing is she likes to do even more so than bestiality is to humiliate her own flesh and blood and family. Ladies and gentlemen this Jillian Quist she’s a real real weird lady AND A CHEATER FOR SURE!!



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