Jessica Stevens is a dirty lying skank and stripper

Jessica Ann Stevens is a dirty lying skank and then some. She is a stripper at Cheetahs in San Diego, CA now and learned her HO tendencies back home in Ohio. She tells everyone she is a bartender or a waitress, but nope she is giving out lap dances and “brain” in the back if you take her to the ice box!

BUT………Don’t let this PRO-HO THOT fool you with her titties & cheesy ass cause she is only after one thing and that is your MONEY!

She lied constantly and was hooking up with me, my homie, and this white boy all at the same time behind everyone’s backs. She juiced that white boy out of his money big time for 2 years and come to find out she would be texting me while she was fucking him & dude was in the shower. I got pictures, videos, and all types of evidence on this big fore headed skank.

You all been warned! Don’t believe anything out of her mouth and if you do take a walk on the skanky side you better wrap up with 2 or maybe 3 with a hefty bag over the top of it!

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