Jennifer Fendley Salter – Milton, Florida – Report Cheating Wife

Jennifer Fendley Salter of Milton FL is known for going after other woman’s husband’s. Yes, she is still married and splits her time between husband and her boyfriend. She waits for the wife’s to go out of town and in my case when I was in the hospital. This was when she went after my husband. Just a few months ago my husband informed of this. I was disgusted, she knew we were married and had not only a husband and a boyfriend yet she still continues her trashy ways. The last woman she did this to was out of town caring for her mother. Jennifer knew that & knows how this trauma can negatively affect a marriage and she slept with this man in his marital bed.

Her abuse extends not only to women but Children. She lost her infant daughter & her son suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome. Yes it gets worse she gave and consumed drugs, alcohol, & cigarettes to her cheating lover/boyfriend’s 14 year old daughter only to attack his wife with lies. Beware of this woman she preys on the vulnerable then acts like the martyr!

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