Jason Shapiro – liar and cheater in PA/NYC – Internet Cheaters

I met Jason Shapiro on a dating website during 2020, he claimed he has been single for 2 years in his profile and was looking for the ‘special one’. We met and after the date he told me that he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend, that ‘now that he found me’. So I agreed to met him in his apartment. We have a couple of dates. However as it approach to Christmas holidays, he suddenly told me he’s busy now and not ready for relationship. And ask me to contact him in a few months. It turned out he had a girlfriend for two year whom he’s been regularly with, and he doesn’t want her to find out he’s cheating. I am very disappointed for what happened and I wish the best for his girlfriend (whom have been cheated for two years). 

BTW I love this website, and I think every girl should check it out the person you’re dating online from here, before you invest your emotions and time

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