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Anthony I waited a long time for jmosley to come back around and I see my patience paid off this year.
you tried to gaslight me and say I had made that name up or pulled it out of thin air.
as you can see Anthony I’ve held a lot back until you did this last damage.
so time to let er rip.
balls to the wall.
tit for tat
we can keep going. but I think you will be pulled from your game and may not be able to finish. we’ll see.

of course 5 yrs later I know who the crazy one is even if you dont…🤣🤣🤣 now back to the blackmail charges, defamation, unauthorized release..at the very least..
You kept baiting me like I couldn’t pull those tony hills records after 5 yrs u didnt learn a damn thing about me. my sister wife knows so much more..crazy coz I was fucking u..you would think..but your a narc that changes everything.
b seeing ya. now that the convict has been brought up it should go well in showing that you are just as evil as everyone says u are.

please see Anthony quinn hill McFadden dot com for copies of the criminal reports from San Antonio. Bexar County. There is also one in new jersey I haven’t downloaded yet. found another cheater report in Georgia jay daniels (terry I’m sorry..😢
there are sooo many more you ladies have no idea. smh .
we will see how things shape up in the next few weeks.
and yes if imma be accused of shit I didn’t do, I’m at least gon do some lightweight shit and yea that’s his mom🤣🤣 you posted my naked pic all over the net so I can post her face pic no crime to do that so dont try and whine coz yo momma up. shudda raised u better and not allowed you to be a dogg and enable you.
nuff [email protected]

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