Is Daren Davis a Sexual Preditor? – Internet Cheaters

When I met Daren Davis it did not take me long to determine something was not kosher about him. He often told multiple versions of the same story and if questioned about the shift in his story he became agitated and annoyed. Lucky for me I escaped this man.

I soon took to the www to see if he actually worked where he said he did. Quickly several post came up identifying him as a serial cheater. As I wok in a law firm, I discussed with one of the attorneys about my experience with Daren.

In Summary what Daren was doing to all those women (approximately 12 women) is called rape by deception.

Rape by deception is a situation in which the perpetrator obtains the victim’s agreement to engage in sexual intercourse or other sex acts, but gains it by deception or false statements or actions.

At the time Daren was married and living at home with his wife and children. What he told women was he live in California, Montana and other places. One woman said he told her he lived in a guest house in his highland Utah home. Look at Google aerial photos no guest house on on the property.

Another woman said for over 5 years he told her he was getting a divorce and each passing year he came up with another excuse once citing his daughter tried to take her life.

All in all this guy is just bad news.

I am the one who got away and hope this will help others who comes across this man.

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